Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
affordable hosting
There are two types of affordable reseller hosting packages affordable as in free, and affordable as in low cost. The free ones are covered elsewhere, but there are also plenty of low cost reseller packages available.
Some of these low cost packages have a limited number of domains that we can host, and correspondingly smaller amount of web space.
If we are on a budget, these deals are not to be sniffed at after all, we are not going to start off with hundreds of websites to host.
We can start off gradually and either upgrade our reseller package when we need to,or invest in another reseller package with a different host we don’t have to have all our eggs in one basket.
If we are just starting out and are worried about a regular monthly commitment to hosting fees, we can choose Special reseller hosting plan.
Monthly plans feature packed plan is just some dollars a year for some space of disk space, some space of bandwidth and we can host unlimited domains.
Plans comes with cPanel and WebHost Manager its not the biggest disk space allocation, but its plenty if we’re wanting to host, say, a number of sites for small businesses that are not going to have busy forums etc.
Alternatively, we could opt for a smaller plans already mentioned, such as the Reseller Zoom Budget Reseller Plan. This is a great starter plan with value for web developers to host multiple low traffic websites under the same account for one low price.


On the Budget 1 plan, we get 2Gb webspace/30Gb Bandwidth and the ability to host up to 50 websites for a low $4.95 month. Even at this rate, we get cPanel/WHM , so we can give our customers a great hosting package.
If we’re looking for a low monthly cost package hosted on servers located in the all over world, we can get a good deal from different host .

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