Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
reseller hosting
When we partner with ValueReseller, we’ll find state of the art hosting tools, outstanding personal service, affordable pricing and innovative technology.
As an IT or web services provider, we need to give our clients the very best solutions available in order to succeed.
CPanel host with overloaded FreeBSD servers. Give our clients dual-platform, enterprise class services with our unique clustered hosting system, featuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows 2003, ASP, Microsoft.NET 2.0, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, and even MS-SQL at no additional charge! Here are some additional key reasons why we are our best choice.
Achieve Higher Profit Margins- With our unique unlimited domain hosting plans for one flate rate, we can enjoy profit margins of 70-80% or more on our hosting services.
Many developers and hosting resellers have slashed their hosting costs to a fraction of what they were paying other providers by moving to us. And they get more features and better service to boot.
Double our Potential Market By Offering Both Linux and Windows- Although Linux has a large share of the hosting market, Windows has also made great strides in the last some years.
Most small businesses know the name Microsoft over Linux and they want Windows applications. If we don’t offer those services we are leaving money on the table.
Put our Account Setup and Billing On Auto Pilot. With our Advanced Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans – CPWebHostingplans we can allow our customers to signup at our website and the entire account creation and billing process is automated.
customers create their own hosting accounts through our website and have the money deposited in our bank account with no manual work required by us or our staff.

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