Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
reseller hosting
All we need is to buy a suitable reseller hosting plan and thereafter float our own website that will cater to end customers.
Though a reseller hosting account cuts down our overhead expenses, we may still need to advertise heavily to sell our hosting plans. For a start, we need to focus on getting customers in the city we live or from our immediate locality.
A reseller hosting account accrues significant benefits over both short and long term. Here is some of them.
other than hiring charge, there are no additional expense on account of hosting. Since fixed costs by very nature is predictable, reseller hosting is a help for long term cost layout, specially for small hosting companies.
Create our branded hosting company. While our hosting provider remains content allotting we space in their server, we are free to build up branded reseller hosting business. In many cases of reseller hosting, the server owner may agree to naming nameserver after our company name and even allot separate IP address for our nameservers.
In reseller hosting, we will have no responsibility to manage and maintain the servers or any component of data center where the servers are located. No technical pullback means more time to devote to business.
We can host as many websites as we want with reseller hosting, limited only by disk-space and bandwidth. In a similar vein, our reseller hosting offers may vary from being simple no-frill hosting to one with all paraphernalia, thus allowing us to play with margins.
Start small, grow big. Reseller hosting accounts are mostly scalable, so we enlarge our hosting account in tandem with our requirement.
This is a perfect recipe to grow our business. If we chalk it out fine, who knows us may as well have our own servers one day.
In most cases, reseller hosting is made simple through GUI Control Panels. Some examples are Plesk (Windows / Unix), WHM cPanel (Unix), Hosting Controller (Windows), DirectAdmin (Unix) and so on. A reseller hosting provider can easily monitor all websites located under him, such as increasing or decreasing disk-space and bandwidth, allotting or withdrawing software applications, and even permitting or denying respective control panels.

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