Thu. May 23rd, 2024
The well-known provider of free reseller hosting, introduced its new line of dedicated, semi dedicated and virtual private servers. As many already know, a dedicated hosting service means that the client
A dedicated hosting service means that the client rents an entire server not shared with anyone else, which is typically located in a data center.
ResellersPanel has five predefined dedicated server packages with top notch hardware, cutting edge processors from Intel and AMD and more advanced users can also build their own server configuration up from scratch. Complete root access enables users to install and configure any additional software, and also to reboot the server at any time.
Those who haven’t acquired the technical skills required to maintain a dedicated server are free to consider one of ResellersPanel’s Managed Services packages.
ResellersPanel has expanded its European presence to benefit its clients there by offering hosting services employing servers located in the difeerent data centers.
ResellersPanel which is in the hosting company has deployed servers located in the different countries because of the growing demand from its resellers.
25% of clients prefer to be hosted on European-based servers because of their geographical location, and that compared to the American hosting market, the European one is double as big in terms of population.

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